Your Nonprofit’s Year-End #Goals Out Your To-Dos Your Donor Database for Year-End Donor Segments for Your Campaign Your Year-End Campaign Your Year-End Communications to Last-Minute Donors via Email on Your Year-End Success


Map Out Your To-Dos

Suggested Timeframe: July/August

I know our goal.

Starting with a specific goal in mind will help you to create clear action steps for your team and clear calls to action for your supporters.

  • I know where funds are needed most.

  • I know the dollar amount we need to raise.

  • I know my budget. My budget was approved.

I’ve assembled my team.

Make sure everyone on board has a clear understanding of your year-end goal and theme so that all fundraising strategies are consistent.

  • I held a year-end campaign brainstorm session with my staff, board, and volunteers.

  • Each member of my team has a defined role in our year-end campaign and understands what’s needed of them.

Suggested Timeframe: September

My database is set.

For smooth EOY receipting and ongoing database maintenance, be sure that the following are complete:

I segmented my communications.

Prepare your contact lists so it’s easier to frame your asks appropriately later on.

Suggested Timeframe: October

I have a rock-solid campaign.

What’s your year-end campaign theme? Make sure it’s reflected throughout all of your communications. These are the last tasks you’ll wrap up before go-time!

  • I understand what worked and what didn’t work in last year’s campaign.

  • I created a communications timeline, mapping out when and how communications will be sent.

  • Tasks have been assigned to the appropriate person and added to their respective calendars.

  • I’ve written content and designed templates for my letter, email, and social media outreach.

  • My online donation, crowdfunding, and volunteer forms have been created.

  • I tested the donor experience. All forms, website, and communications (including thank-yous!) are good to go.


You’re all set. Nice job! Now that you’ve got the game plan down, your year-end will be a breeze!

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